Racer Biographies

Arno du Toit

Career Highlights:
XCO SA Championship
1st U/23, 2nd Pro Elite
34th in XCO World Cup PMB U/23
MTN National Marathon Series
-2nd in the fifth leg of the series
Nissan Trailseeker
-8th Overall in the first leg
Old mutual Joberg2C
4th Team Overall -Partner Paul Cordes
XCO SA Championship : Junior Men
2nd in the Cup series
7th XCO World Cup: Junior Men

Gert Heyns

3rd u23 SA XC Champs
2nd Pro Elite SA XC Cup Series
3rd Sani2C
3rd Karoo to Coast
1st PE Plett Stage Race

Alan Hatherly

SA XCO Champion
SA XCO Cup Winner
15th World Champs XCO
26th World Champs XCE
Hill2Hill 45km Overall win

Paul Cordes

Racing for almost 20 years in both South Africa as well as the U.S.A
Raced for a Professional Team in 2010 and 2011
1st in Absa Cape Epic twice in the Mixed Category 2007/2010 
3rd in Africa Jersey Cape Epic 2011
2nd World XCO Champs 2013
Sub-Vet SA Champ and Cup for both XCO and XCM
4th Overall in Joberg2C - Partner Arno du Toit

Yolande Speedy

Career Highlights
African Continental Champ 2013
Racing for over 15 years both locally and Internationally
3x SA Marathon Title
5x XCO SA Champ Titles
3x XCO African Champ  Titles
Represented SA in 6 World XCO Champs
Represented SA in 2 Marathon World Champs
Represented SA in the Beijing Olympics
21st XCO World Cup 2009 PMB
1st in ABSA Cape Epic twice in the Mixed Category 2007/2010
1st in ABSA Cape Epic  in ladies Category 2013
14th Marathon Worlds Champs 2010

Marcel Marais

Career Highlights
1st junior Emperors Classic 2011 & 4th junior 2012
2nd Sabie Experience lite with partner Edwill O'Neill 2011
3rd junior Avianto Provincials 2012
4th junior Phambili Provincials 2012
4th junior Thaba Trails Provincials 2012
13th XCO Nationals Fountains 2012
9th junior XCM #1 Baberton 2012
18th junior XCM #3 Sabie 2012
17th junior XCM #4 Clarens 2012
12th junior XCM #5 Mabalingwe 2012
7th junior Road Provincials 2012
5th junior TT Provincials 2012

Edwill O'Neill

2nd SABIE Experience Lite 2011 – with partner Marcel Marais
1st Ocean Basket Mini Afri Man Off Road Duathlon Series 2011- Junior Men Team  - with partner Alton Waltenaar
3rd Gauteng OPEN MTB Provincial Cup Sersie 2012  - XCO – Phambili
4th Gauteng OPEN MTB Provincial Cup Sersie 2012  - XCO – Avianto
4th Gauteng OPEN MTB Provincial Cup Sersie 2012  - XCO – Fountains
7th Gauteng OPEN MTB Provincial Cup Sersie 2012  - XCO – Fountains
3rd Final Log - Overall  : Gauteng OPEN MTB Provincial Cup Sersie 2012 XCO and  2nd in Gauteng North
9th SA National MTB Championships XCO 2012 – Mankele 
1st Vori Berg #1 – 2012 -   Junior Men
1st Babbas Lodge  2012– 30 September 2012 – 1st Junior Men and Overall
10th Nissan MTN XCM#1  2012 Baberton –  Half Marathon – Jnr Men
11th Nissan MTN XCM #3  2012 Sabie   - Half Marathon – Jnr Men
14th Nissan MTN XCM #4  2012 – Clarens – Half Marathon – Jnr Men
8th Nissan MTN XCM #5 2012 – Mabalingwe –  Half Marathon – Jnr Men
6th Nissan MTN XCM #8  2012 –  Crater Cruise – Parys - Half Marathon – Jnr Men
6th Nissan Trailseeker#1  2012 - Tyger Valley - Half Marathon – Jnr Men
9th Nissan Trailseeker#2-  2012 - Diamond Rush – Cullinan - Half Marathon – Jnr Men
5th Nissan Trailseeker#4  2012  – Van Gaalens - Half Marathon – Jnr Men

Kyle Wood

Jacques Pretorius

Nicholas Popich

Second in the national XCO schools Finals
Second in the provincial XCO school series, won one leg
Second in the provincial XCO series
Second junior at Sabie and third overall, 4th at Barberton
Third at XCO nationals #2 PMB
Won the Mankele Sappi half marathon
Won Nissan Trailseeker Cullinan
Won Nissan Trailseeker Van Gaalens
Won provincial duathlon champs and 5th at Africa Champs
Second overall at Momentum National duathlon, 1st junior

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