Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Nissan Trailseeker #1, Cullinan - Christine Popich

Having heard that the previous year’s race was quite a challenge with steep, rocky climbs I felt quite nervous as it was my first time doing a race in Cullinan. The academy’s guys doing the marathon looked good with their fancy Pinarello DogmaXC’s and striking yellow Rudy Project helmets. Ready to once again make their mark!

On the start line of the 45km I realized that today wasn’t going to be easy and I knew the pace was going to be tough, especially with riders like Lynette and Kristen, but I felt pretty confident because I was riding on my new wheels.  A High5 ISO Gel down and then it was go-time!

The race started off with a dusty headwind and a badly marked turn off! About 10km into the race we were only four women left in the leading group.  Up until then, the route was all flat jeep tracks and we realized that this was a way different route than last year, this was when one of the ladies broke away from us.
About 30km into the race I started losing focus and dropped from the other two ladies. When seeing Lynette catch up, I dropped my head, took another High5 ISO Gel, tucked my elbows and started grinding bigger gears, trying to catch up with the leaders. The route had some awesome single track and the bigger wheels definitely made a difference on the flats.

I was happy to cross the finish line 1st Junior female and 4th female overall.

Well done to the Academy with the podiums achieved this weekend and thanks for everyone’s help and support. Thanks Paul, Yolande, Epic Sports and a[s]g!

Definitely looking forward to the next Trailseeker!
Christine Popich

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